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Our Services

ALPHA Consulting and Clinical Services offers a wide range of mental-health focused services:

Diagnostic Services

Our psychologists and psychiatrists are experts in diagnosing mental health disorders and can provide appropriate and accurate diagnoses in a timely manner.


We offer psychological, psychiatric, occupational, social, and family-based assessments that thoroughly examine the nature, cause, and implications of stressors and mental health concerns, and offer recommendations that are evidence-based, realistic, and realizable.


We offer consultations to organizations, teams, and professionals working with those at the highest risk for experiencing traumatic stress due to the nature of their work.

Team & Program Development

We have expertise in building mental health teams and developing mental health programs, particularly those tailored to the specialized needs of first responders and other public safety personnel.


We offer evidence-based treatments for a wide range of issues including Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain, attention and concentration issues, and relational issues.

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